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Esperides began as family business –mother, father and two sons
in May 1989.


We are located in the center of Pythagorion and our home is a beautiful and romantic garden of orange trees, lemon trees, pomegranate tree and loquat tree. The “secret” and the reason of our success is : The precious knowledge of the Samos cuisine that we have learned from our grandmother and our mother.

A cuisine rich in flavours and aromas –with a great influence from the “Asia Minor” coastline – which has taken and has given ideas and recipes , has exchanged herbs and spices.


The Samos environment which has helped a lot , with the quality of the products, the development of the local cuisine. The famous Samos wine, the very aromatic and fine olive oil, the pure honey, groceries, cheese and meat products from small stock-breading units, herbs and spices, fish and sea food from the clear seas around the island.

Our philosophy about food and it΄s presentation . Food must give you joy, be nutritious and beneficial. The art of cooking is a passion and our interest is to provide for our quests the very best healthy food, with flavours you will remember.
Stamatis & Michalis

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Our restaurant is located close to the main road Lykourgo Logotheti, it will be easy found, or simply ask a local greeks, everybody knows the famous Esperides Restaurant.

Opening Hours
May - October, every day from

18:00 - 01:00

Tel: +306978827738

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